Avoid the interior cliché

Avoid the interior cliché

When does an interior become common or,  an overused theme or device a cliche?

Consumer tech' retail should be sexy, right?  It’s a definite lifestyle winner. 

No longer about boring old radios and oversize TV’s it’s now all about creativity, artificial intelligence, enabling tablets - it’s more about life than life itself.

So what drives the in-store experience? What is the motivation for the way stores behave? Where is the brand passion, and who or what (new device or platform) is making it happen? Sometimes the answers are not satisfactory. 

It is disappointing to see retail environments looking cliched, and standard interior designs overused. 

There is a common look and feel, too many large graphics, wooden floors, large expansive tables. Super friendly staff falling over their product enthusiasm to tell all about the latest innovations. It’s ok, to reuse approaches to space and environment but it’s also ok to innovate and make it look and feel different. 

We are right on the cusp of new generation products and services, it’s time the physical retail spaces reinvented and reworked the interiors to benefit the shoppers experience. 

If interiors are story tellers, where is the moment that expectation meets resolution, at what point am I the consumer, sold. 

If we don’t have persuasive stores with enthusiastic staff then product alone will have to fight hard to win interest, smart brand experiences are vying for attention and using a host of channels to seduce, over reliance on safe analogue retail spaces risks passive, neutral retail experiences. And that would make for a very dull category indeed.



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