How many helpful people does it take to reach seat 12D?

How many helpful people does it take to reach seat 12D?

We live in a post digital age influenceed by convenience, a time when technology enables and frictionless delivery is a brand experience goal. But it’s still the human stuff that glues it all together 

At heathrow T5, with a question. 

I spot first helpful person, they direct me to next helpful person a gate keeper who thankfully acknowledges my passport and boarding pass.

Already checked in, then proceed to automated baggage check. 

I want to change my seat

so you want to talk to a person

yes please

Ok, go to the back of the queue


I wait

So can I change my seat for an aisle, 

let me see…… plane full, no available seats. 


The next helpful person scans my electronic boarding pass walks me to automated baggage and dispatches my bag.

At departures, I present my electronic boarding pass to the self serve machine. I end up having to turn through different angles, my phone on the scanner my upper body finding just the right angle, thankfully viewer reads image correctly. 

Here sir, 

Ok , thank you 

Now through security, get to stand in a booth with my arms in the air, can they really see me naked. 

Next helpful person swabs my shoes, awkwards pause why we wait for result. 

Ok, go ahead. 

Thank you 

Screen winks go to gate. I walk then board ground transportation, follow the numbers arrive at gate , restless queue. 

Boarding group 1,  I sit down,

Boarding group 2, I remain seated, boarding group 3. 

Excuse me are you group three, 

don’t know 


Next helpful person scans electronic boarding pass and checks passport. Something, somewhere goes beep

Can I have a seat with more legroom, an aisle seat? I'm pleading now 

Better than that you’ve got an upgrade, 

Thank you, You will always be my favourite airline. 

Prints off new boarding pass, 

ignore the electronic wallet, use this 

Next helpful person hands me champange in plastic beaker, 

Welcome on board

The answer is six helpful people and lots of technology….

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