Johnnie Walker Madrid - The new competitive landscape

Johnnie Walker Madrid - The new competitive landscape

Companies that adopt a quality culture succeed. As part of our service, we make it a mission to report on good and bad examples of a quality culture determined by proof points. Last week one of our spotters visited the Johnny Walker store in Madrid, Spain.

As experiences go it is a compelling one, the presentation is modern and stylish, engaging and immersive. The customer is treated to a well-choreographed tale of whisky and its various narratives. 

The large external window display typical of high-end department stores presents an enviable standard, there is nothing hidden. Customers can peer inside and watch other people sampling, browsing and being entertained. From the outside, it is not entirely clear what sort of shop this is, but it is abundantly clear that it is premium, classy and stylish. 

Inside are invitations to discover your perfect whisky, and to embrace the world of Johnnie Walker. A digital screen invites you to explore the different labels from Red to Blue in Spanish or English. The storytelling is about craft and quality and how that impacts on every blend. 

Other messages invite you to try your perfect glass there is nothing average in this copywriter’s toolkit, the promise is perfection and nothing less. Combine this with the opportunity to put your own stamp on your whisky bottle by adding a personal message in a typeface of your choice and create the “perfect” Christmas gift for the discerning whisky drinker.

Elsewhere in store complementary merchandising showcases the ideal cocktail; glass, mixer and botanicals, a plentiful display if “straight up” isn’t your style. A trade finishing school or the transference of power from cocktail waiters to home-style mixology, either way, the presentation is hard to fault. And another win for @FeverTreeMixers

If you want to improve your knowledge; the true measure of any great experience, the promise of self-improvement, then classroom places are available to Discover Scotland or the Mysteries of the Master Blender, all bookable online for a modest fee. 

If whisky isn’t enough to tempt you then try The Highland Chocolatiers Chinese ginger and dark chocolate or Chai Truffle, either on its own or as an accompaniment with a small glass. Enjoyment and pleasure are the order of the day, this zone is guilt free and rightly so where quality and craft are celebrated. @iainburnettchocolatier, @HighlandChoc

Overall this is an emporium, a progressive set of staged experiences relevant to the needs of customers worldwide. We celebrate this endeavour and hope to see more examples in other great cities of the world.  #madrid


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