Pitched performers, the unsung heroes at retail  

Pitched performers, the unsung heroes at retail  

Pitched performances change the energy in otherwise everyday retail experiences. 

Positive & negative energy, makes for good and bad retail.

That’s why the staff member at David’s Tea in Victoria and the Apple store employee in Fashion Mall, Las Vegas and the doorman at the Amazon Go, store in Seattle are all special.

They each make a difference because they change the energy.

Retail staff, whether a greeter at Walgreens or a waitress at Denny’s, they each pitch their  performance, alter the mood and deliver a temporary but important change in energy. 

The forgettable experiences typically have little or no human interaction, little or no pitched performance, little or no attention to detail and never leave the customer feeling loved. 

As in life the negative beats, make the positives possible, we are always transitioning from one state to the next.

These swinging beats stick shoppers to successful retail brands. 

In luxury retail the backbone to the story is fulfilled desire, in fashion it’s all about promise and fast food its all about sated hunger.  

Satisfy the need, pitch the performance, open the doors and celebrate the retail staff. 


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